Get to know Catherine Haward: managing director of Wheatcroft Land

29 May 2019

Catherine became managing director of Wheatcroft Land in January 2013 following in her father’s footsteps with a determination to grow the company’s presence in commercial, retail and residential property sectors across the East Midlands.

To ensure her father’s legacy continued, Catherine chose to take the plunge and not just keep Wheatcroft Land running as a successful commercial property developer, but also explore new opportunities and expand the company into new markets.

With a head office in the centrally-located city of Leicester, Wheatcroft Land is in a great position to consider potential development sites across the Midlands.

Catherine said: “The Midlands is an ideal place to invest. The north/south divide appears to be narrowing and with increased development and regeneration within counties such as Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire, they certainly offer many attractive prospects for residential and commercial development opportunities.

“House prices within the region are creeping up, and now seems the ideal time to capitalise on the increased confidence by expanding into residential property development. Many people are being priced out of living in the south, and are now choosing to commute to London and surrounding areas, rather than paying higher housing and living costs associated with the south.”

Catherine’s father originally set up Wheatcroft Land in 1989 after working as a chartered civil engineer and managing director of Wilson Bowden Plc. His ill health meant he was unable to continue running the company, which he had worked hard to establish as a reputable Midlands developer.

Catherine continued: “I am always looking out for potential sites across the East Midlands which offer residential and commercial development opportunities. It’s an exciting time not only for Wheatcroft Land, but the property market in the region, and I am confident we will contribute to the progression of the area by providing much-needed business units and housing.

“There are parts of the UK where the property market is saturated by development – however, the Midlands is now increasingly seen as an attractive investment prospect, where businesses and those looking to purchase a home are choosing to trade from and live to take advantage of lower business rates and living costs.

 “I want to re-establish and expand Wheatcroft Land to not only meet my own aspirations, but also ensure the hard-work and dedication given to the company by my father is continued. I am honoured to now head-up the family company, and determined to use my new-found property expertise to develop Wheatcroft Land and cement its reputation as a leading Midlands developer.”