Six reasons to live in the countryside

18 July 2019

Despite more people claiming they would prefer to live in the countryside, the majority still live in the hustle and bustle of the UK’s towns and cities. With the fabulous village setting of our Ancaster View development and the close proximity of the Ashby Canal and National Forest to the Swing Bridge Wharf scheme, here are six great reasons to choose a rural life for you and your family.

1. It improves your well-being and health

Being surrounded by nature and the associated peace and tranquillity is incredibly valuable to a sense of well-being. According to “long-term exposure to air pollution can cause chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as lung cancer, leading to reduced life expectancy” – simply spending more time outdoors, with the reduced air and noise pollution, can work wonders for your health and quality of living.

Not only can living in rural areas help boost health and well-being but living near water can also help the mind and body. The fresh air surrounding natural water is rich in moisture and oxygen which can help decrease stress and aid relaxation. The sound of flowing water can also be extremely therapeutic and reduce stress levels instantly. Properties at Swing Bridge Wharf overlook Ashby Canal with large windows and balconies to make the most of the attractive and tranquil views.

2. There’s space for growing families

Outside space is at a premium within towns and cities. A home in a rural setting is much more likely to offer additional space, as well as public green spaces, to work, live and play. There are many benefits when it comes to children playing outdoors in the fresh air, particularly as it allows them to explore their environment, get hands on with nature and increase physical skills at the same time, including balance, coordination, strength and agility.

In a recent article published by the Office of National Statistics, it was reported that statistically children in the UK experience significantly greater enjoyment when spending time outdoors compared with indoors.

From spending time outdoors and taking part in physical activity, children’s short- and long-term well-being and overall health is improved, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms are also reduced.

Countryside living can also offer free family activities within the natural environment, including bike rides, picnics and walks with scenic views.  Access to open space, including boat trips along the Ashby Canal and the nearby National Forest are also all benefits of living in the countryside at our residential development in Moira.

3. A sense of community

One of the reasons that our Swing Bridge Wharf development already has two reservations is that it is a small, close-knit development. Each property is unique in design and its beautiful location will automatically offer a real sense of community.

The feeling of a neighbourhood and personality are in high demand; particularly for those with children or looking to start a family. In this way, countryside living can bring a more connected social life, with local pubs and family run businesses and smaller local schools offering small class sizes and a strong community feel.

At our Ancaster View development in Lincolnshire, local amenities include a primary school, nursery, butcher, grocery shop and a small railway station, as well as a local pub and sports and social club, giving residents a quiet village feel within a rural environment.

4. Unique wildlife and scenery

Living in the countryside allows you to appreciate the feeling of being surrounded by nature and wildlife. Swing Bridge Wharf is in the heart of the National Forest filled with birds, badgers, foxes, rabbits and even deer. Woodlands, hills, fields and mountains fill the countryside giving you a personal connection with nature.

5. It’s easy to stay active

According to the NHS, in order to stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should do at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity five days a week and according to Country Living just 15 minutes of walking everyday can lower the risk of early death by 22%.

Opportunities to exercise and enjoy the outdoors are on your doorstep in the countryside, making it much more likely that you’ll enjoy walking, running and cycling more often. Plus, they’re all free and don’t require a costly gym membership.

6. You can feel safe and secure 

Statistics show that crime rates in the city are much higher than in rural areas. According to the BBC “you are almost twice as likely to be the victim of violent crime in towns and cities and almost three times as likely to suffer a burglary” in comparison to if you live in the countryside.  

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