What should be on your moving check list?

16 December 2019

Have you made the leap and got onto the ladder recently? If you’re reading this, then hopefully you’re on your way to life in a new Wheatcroft Home! You’re probably already thinking about how to fit your whole life into a van and get it to your beautiful new property. We’ve put together some top tips which we hope will keep you organized and make one of life’s most stressful events that little bit easier.

1. Invest in good packing materials

We’ve all fallen victim to overloaded plastic bags with snapping handles or weak boxes where the contents spill from the bottom. It’s worth investing in high-quality packing materials (or asking if your local supermarket or wine merchants have any spare) to ensure that everything is transported safely. Plus, you’ll likely save space if you use easily stackable boxes with strong sides, rather than a mixture of bags and containers.

Invest in strong packing materials

2. Label everything

Ensure every box and bag is labelled – you’ll be surprised how quickly you can forget what’s inside.

Save time by labelling boxes in the weeks leading up to the move. Pack seldom used things first and then continue dropping in relevant items as you pass by or finish using them.  

If you’re hiring help, make life simple by developing a key that represents the room you want the box to be moved into – for example, one red sticker for the bathroom or two blue stickers for the kitchen.

Develop a system to ensure boxes are moved to the right room

3. Tackle a few larger tasks before the big day

There are some jobs that you’ll need to take care of before you move. Defrosting your fridge is the ideal example; plan ahead and start the process a day or two before so that it can be easily transported.

Defrost your fridge before moving day

Reinstalling your tech and finding the right place for cables can also be a difficult task. Take a photo of them in situ at your current property and label them to save time later. It’s also a good idea to back up your computer and organize Wi-Fi installation ahead of time.

4. Smart ways to pack tricky items

For items such as cutlery that are likely to already be in a tray or container, wrap the whole thing in cling film. This keeps them in place and saves you time.

Use a fitted sheet on both the top and bottom of your mattress to completely cover it, protecting it from dust and dirt.

We also love the idea of using an empty toilet roll to stop necklaces from getting tangled in transit. Simply fasten them through the roll to keep them in shape.

Screws, nuts, and bolts are easily lost when dismantling furniture. Use sellotape to stick all relevant parts to the right piece of furniture – label the tape too, just to be safe!

5. Handy things for night one in your new home

Create a box containing essentials labelled “first night” – a kitchen sponge and washing up liquid, plus enough plates and cutlery to see you through your first few meals (or buy disposable ones), as well as toiletries and pyjamas. Plus, a doormat and basic cleaning supplies to cut down on the mess both when leaving your old property and when unloading in the new. You may also need a tool kit.

Pack an overnight bag to make your first night less stressful

6. Put aside some snacks

Packing and unloading is hard work and you’re likely to need an energy boost at various points during moving day. Keep bottles of water aside as well as quick and easy snacks.

Take snacks and food with you to allay any hunger pangs

You should now be fully prepared to move to a new house and we recommend using one of the many fantastic check lists that are readily available online.  

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